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Executive Team



  • Yonas

    Ethiopia Sales Manager

  • Charlotte

    Global Sales Manager

  • Susie

    Global Marketing Manager

  • Mark

    Africa Region Manager

About us

Global Agriculture Info Group (GAIG) is the leading platform of price reporting, market analysis and events organization for the global agriculture products. It is a leading international business-to-business information group focused primarily on information, trade solution, services and banking. GAIG is the world’s most trusted price reporting and market analysis provider. Businesses working in oilseeds, pulses, grains use GAIG data and insights to benchmark prices, settle contracts and inform their strategies worldwide. GAIG is based in China. We will be the best bridge and shortcut for you to access and expand China agriculture market.


GAIG service tenet ----- Be objective! Be authentic! Be accurate! Be timely! Be integrated!


GAIG has been working with thousands of industry professionals to build a central repository for all things on agriculture. A community of people from farmers, factories, wholesalers to traders, buyers and consumers – all share connections, information, news and vital industry reports. Every day we curate and originate new content written by specialists from around the world – connecting our members to relevant information, relevant people and more importantly connecting everyone to the future of the global market. We are looking for talented, dedicated people who can help us make further progress in building our long-term success. Join us by contacting info@globalaginfo.com.

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